The New Boys’ Room!

The floor is finally ready, so Auntie, Gichan, and Grandma have all been over here for the last couple of days, putting the finishing touches on the new bedroom for Rerun and Thumper.

Auntie put up the numbers on the “outfield wall,” and Gichan got the molding cut and nailed into place.

And today, the bunk bed was disassembled and moved into the room – and guess who is sleeping on the top bunk tonight?

Now, even though Thumper will eventually take over the bottom bunk, we are holding it open for Ane.  She has to have somewhere to sleep when she gets back from Maui, after all.  Thumper still has his toddler bed, so he has a place to sleep until we move more things around.

And with the bunk bed out of the room, along with the dresser, it’s time to start taking Ane’s old room apart and making it over for Tad…

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