Flashback Friday

As I’m preparing to commemorate this day, I realized that I had not updated the blog on the big news in my brother’s life.  My brother, who has been known as the Major for the a while on this blog (after being known as The Captain), has now been given a new blog name.  The Major shall be known henceforth as “Hannibal,” as in the character John “Hannibal” Smith on one of our favorite childhood TV shows, “The A-Team.”  Why?  Well, the character Hannibal was a lieutenant colonel.  And as of the end of May, so is my brother.  (Can’t keep calling him “the Major” when he’s been promoted, can I?)  Grandma and Gichan traveled to Canada for the ceremony, and then Hannibal, Q-Bee, and the B Squad packed their bags and moved from Ottawa to Missouri.

But today is Hannibal and Q-Bee’s 16th wedding anniversary, where I was the fat bridesmaid on a hot day in Alabama.

Yes, this is the most flattering picture I could find of myself as a giant purple grape.  I was 20 weeks pregnant with Ane and wearing a bridesmaid’s dress.  Fortunately, the ceremony was not very long.  Unfortunately, I really wanted one of the ice-cold glass bottled Cokes at the reception, and I was being really good and not drinking things with caffeine.  (The things you still remember, 16 years later….)

Happy anniversary, Hannibal and Q-Bee!!!

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