A Rug For The Baseball Room!

Since Rerun and Thumper’s new bedroom is baseball themed, it was only fitting that it got a baseball rug.¬† And Grandma and Gichan ordered one for them (happy anniversary to the Webmaster and me – apparently “rugs and carpets” are the gift when you have been married 19 years).

And this one is really spectacular!

Rerun had been waiting and waiting and WAITING for “his” rug to show up, and he was VERY excited when it did.

And as I knew he would do, he promptly set up his Angry Birds and Bad Piggies to play a baseball game.

The funniest part, though, was when Ane (who is living in the bottom bunk at the moment, waiting for her room to be finished) came to tell me, “Mother, HE SANG THE NATIONAL ANTHEM BEFORE THE BIRDS AND PIGS PLAYED THEIR BASEBALL GAME.”

How can you not love that??

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