Earning That LEGO Money

You know us, we’re a sucker for scientific research.  This time, it was Rerun and a study on ADHD.  And he would get to earn some money for this one!  All sounded promising until the lead doctor said, “So, he needs to be unmedicated for this study… and for his meds, that means for 2 days beforehand…”

Yeah, we don’t get paid enough for that.  But we did it anyway (and boy, was it a wake-up call on what Rerun’s behaviors look like off medication), and then Rerun got to sit down for his first-ever EEG.

Rerun was fascinated with the EEG.  When the lead researcher told him to blink his eyes, and then showed him where it made the lines spike on the readout, he was enthralled.  He worked very hard (it was a few hours of work between the EEG and then some other academic-based testing), and earned that money.

We then got in the car (where I popped a pill in his mouth because I was DONE with this), and we went straight to the LEGO Store.  Rerun knew exactly what he was buying.

Look at that grin.  He’s been wanting this set since it came out, and he finally had enough money!

Now, time to build!

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