Moving Day

Well, it’s official – everyone is now settled into their new rooms!

Ane has a new duvet cover that better matches her new Maui theme on order, but she’s just happy to have her own space again.

With the palm leaf wall hanging, the pineapple fairy lights, her Lilo & Stitch picture, and her 5K medals and bibs on their own rack, it’s definitely starting to come together!

As a birthday present to Tad, Auntie brought over her little projector, mixed some paint, and painted shark silhouettes on his ceiling, swimming around his ceiling fan light.

I don’t know how this room can be any more “Tad” with Batman decor hanging, LEGO sets, and now sharks on the ceiling.

With Ane in her new room, we finally could move Thumper into the bottom bunk!

He was really too big for the toddler bed and needed that extra space!¬† And now we can start to clean up and breathe a little – everyone is in a bed, in their designated space, before school starts!¬† And we seriously need to clean up – we’re having Tad’s family party this weekend!

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