Tad’s Mickey Mouse Family Party!

It’s not a birthday until there is a family party!  And many thanks to Grandma for her extra help in making sure that we had a reasonably clean house for this party.  Seriously, we had an amazing amount of stuff sitting in the living room for the past month, thanks to the kids’ room makeovers.

But it was all cleared away (enough) to look good in pictures!

Yes, that is the same shirt he wore for his friend party.  He only owns one Disney shirt at the moment (if you don’t count Star Wars or Marvel as Disney).  We may have to fix that later.  If I hadn’t been preoccupied with house cleaning, I might have thought of it… moving on…

Speaking of shirts, he got a few – and they were all very him.

He’s definitely got enough new shirts to go back to school with!  And he got books, and LEGOs (but mostly gift cards), and the next step up in remote control toys – a drone from Uncle Hannibal and Aunt Q-Bee.

Auntie was in charge of the cake, and it was everything Tad had asked for.

Although 14 candles did seem like we were getting close to a fire hazard!

And with that, Tad is officially done with all his birthday parties!  All that’s left to do now is write the thank you notes!

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