Mom Sandwich

With no camp, and no more early morning therapy, the little boys have a new routine.

First, Rerun will get up, and he will crawl into bed with me in the Webmaster’s empty spot.  Often, he will fall immediately back asleep after stealing his dad’s down pillow.  (He would like one of his own, he tells me.)

Then, Thumper will get up, and crawl into my side of the bed, putting me in the middle between them.  (This is when I check Thumper to make sure he is still dry.  I have been unpleasantly surprised in the past.)

Eventually, the two boys will squish right up next to me, making me into the middle of their sandwich of snuggles.

I have now begun to call this the “Mom Sandwich.”

Eventually, they both wake back up, Thumper usually runs off with an iPad, and Rerun demands to check in on his favorite Instagram dogs.

It’s been a lazy way to start the day, but the reality of the school morning is soon approaching….

Happy birthday to my sweet niece Bette!  I can’t believe you are nine years old today!  Love you!

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