Tuesday Treks

With Tad now officially done with individual ABA, my Tuesday afternoon drives are a whole lot quieter.  Why?  Because I only have Thumper in the car with me.

We have two home sessions and one clinic session each week for this school year, and so, every Tuesday afternoon, I pick Thumper up and we toodle off to Seattle.  I could probably drive it in my sleep.  I have a favorite Starbucks drive-thru (where some of the baristas recognize me).  Once we are at the Autism Center, I have two hours in the waiting room to do my own thing while Thumper is working.

And then we pack up, and fight rush hour traffic most of the way home (until we can get to the side streets).

I miss having Tad in the car to talk to, because some of our best talks happened there.  I guess those will just have to wait for Wednesdays, when we drive to speech.

And happy birthday to Nana – who is enjoying the sights and sounds of Hawaii on her special day!

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