Tad Rants, Rerun Speaks

Occasionally, Tad will get really annoyed with his younger brothers.  They get into his stuff, they bother him, he bothers them back – you know, all the basic complaints of any sibling.

Well, on Tuesday night, Tad was fed up.  And he began ranting at me.  “WHY do I have three brothers??” he demanded.

I raised an eyebrow and corrected his math.  “You have two brothers. Ane has three brothers.”  (This has been a frequent miscount on his part – he thinks “three boys” and translates it to “three brothers.”)

But never let it be said that Tad let math get in the way of a good rant.  “WHY does Ane have three brothers??” He then gave me a dirty look. “She only wanted ONE.”

Rerun then piped up, smugly: “Yeah, ME.”

Mic drop.

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