Tea And Scones With Rerun

I am of the firm opinion that every kid needs to come home from school once in a while to find something freshly baked waiting for them.

Recently, because I was out of eggs (how does that happen?  THE BOYS EAT LIKE THEY ARE EMPTY INSIDE), I made scones.  This particular recipe uses butter and buttermilk instead of eggs.

And while Thumper and Tad were not overly into the scones (Thumper turned his nose up at them, for shame), Ane and Rerun were more than happy to help themselves.

Rerun even sat down for a mug of tea before starting in on his homework.

Oh, and he was dressed up for school picture day.  Though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t much care what he wears most of the time, unless it’s one of his favorite Pac-Man t-shirts.

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