Out For Pizza

Who says the teenagers get all the fun?  While Ane and Tad were at youth group, the Webmaster and I took the little boys out for pizza.

Now, lest you think I was a total slacker who just didn’t want to make dinner on a Sunday night (though I’m not denying that), the MOD Pizza closest to us was doing a fundraiser for Ane’s high school.  So we were being supportive!  And eating pizza.

Thumper was meh on MOD.  Their tomato sauce is a little spicier than he likes, so it was a struggle to get him to eat.  Which is strange for him when it comes to pizza, but it has happened before.  For Thumper, it’s more about appearance than taste – “does this look like something I’ve eaten before?”

Regardless, we had a good time out, and the teenagers didn’t miss us at all.

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