Flashback Friday

Okay, now we’re going to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.  Even further back than little Ane and baby Tad.

Who is this pink bunny, checking out the candy on Halloween?

Yes, this is me, on my second Halloween.  I was just 13 months old, so this was my first Halloween where I dressed up properly and went trick-or-treating.  I’m sitting on the couch at my Obachan and Ojiichan’s house (where I probably hauled in a load of candy, knowing my Ojiichan).  I dug this photo up in an old album of Obachan’s that she passed along to me.

My sisters would go on to be Halloween pink bunnies as well, and I think a niece or two may have worn this costume as well.  But as far as flashbacks go, this is going back a few decades!

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