Thumper Lost His First Tooth!

It blows my mind, because it took a long time to happen, and yet… MY BABY LOST A TOOTH.

Thumper’s front right bottom incisor had been wiggly for a while, but wasn’t bothering him and didn’t seem to want to move.  And unlike other kids, he had no inclination/idea to work the wiggle to lose the tooth to give to the Tooth Fairy… because this is Thumper we are talking about, who lives in his own little musical world.

And that was fine… until I saw that the permanent tooth had broken through BEHIND the baby tooth.

Now we had a shark tooth situation on our hands, and that meant that the Webmaster and I needed to start wiggling that tooth every time we brushed Thumper’s teeth.

After about 5 days of wiggling, I called the Webmaster in to hold Thumper’s head still last night, because I couldn’t get a good grip on the tiny little tooth.  Once his head was still and his mouth was open, I began wiggling and pushing.

And I felt the tooth GIVE just a little more than it had been.

I yelped, “I think I can pull it!” and a few seconds later, the tooth was out, the Webmaster and I were high-fiving each other, and Thumper was utterly confused.

He’s also not sure why his brothers were so pleased that a quarter appeared under his pillow.

Well, the first tooth is out with minimal drama!  May all his future teeth leave his mouth this painlessly.

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