Finally, Pumpkin Carving!

Yes, this ended up being a lot later than we usually carve our pumpkins.  On the up side, they had no time to get moldy before Halloween!

We made the kids each clean out their own pumpkins.

Well, sort of.  I did have to “finish” up after both Tad and Rerun.  Thumper, well…

Thumper just stirred the innards of his pumpkin delicately, then left the spoon inside and walked away.  So much effort.  Guess who cleaned his pumpkin out?

Ane and Rerun did all their own carving…

… while Tad and Thumper got a solid assist from their Dad – mostly because they had to skip out to speech therapy, so he took over their designs.  But everything looked great when the pumpkins were finished – and in two cases, even got a touch of food coloring to add some detail!

Ane carved her own Mickey and Minnie pumpkin.

Tad chose a Mickey Mouse face, and he painted it with black food coloring.

Rerun picked a very simple design (fortunately), and chose to carve the Wild Kratts symbol.

And after much debate between myself and the Webmaster, Thumper got a Tt Games logo pumpkin.

I did the food coloring painting on that one, and Thumper absolutely loved it.  Now we’re all ready for Halloween!

And happy birthday to the best brother ever!  Happy birthday, Hannibal!

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