When Tad Is A Walking Meme

Tad’s school held a “Spirit Week” that conveniently covered Halloween last week, and they had the typical themes.  Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Twin Day, Wednesday was Blackout Day, and then Thursday was Costume Day for Halloween.

But Friday was a new one.  Friday was “Meme Day.”

Googling “meme costumes” was pretty eye-opening, and I knew that I couldn’t pull off anything too elaborate at the last minute.  So the Webmaster and I went shopping, and I followed a hunch and stopped at our local ThinkGeek store.


This is the most perfect meme for Tad, the human toothpick, and it’s on a T-shirt!

It was meant to be.  Mom and Dad won Meme Day (in our own heads, anyway)!

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