Thumper’s New Skill

After years of work, Thumper has finally learned how to zip up his own coat!

This was cause for celebration!

And then we discovered that because Thumper can zip up his own coat, he now believes that he is Master of his own Destiny.

And if the Master of his own Destiny wants to put on shoes and his coat, march outside, and sit in the car to wait to go somewhere, then that’s what he’s going to do.

I must have sat in the car with him for a full 20 minutes, trying to figure out what he wanted.  Did he want to go somewhere?  Could we go back inside?

Best as I could tell, he wanted my iPhone, and thought a car ride was his best bet to ask for it.

I finally had to ask him if he wanted ice cream – to which I got an excited “yes!” – before we could go back inside.

Who knew that being able to zip his own coat would get Thumper drunk on his own power???

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