The Plus Craze

Yes, our home has been caught up in the Disney+ phenomenon.  I probably wouldn’t have decided to get it, but the Webmaster informed me that Verizon customers were getting a free trial of Disney+, so…. bring it on!

There’s a lot of things on there that we own on DVD already, but there’s some that we don’t, and the boys are enjoying just searching for things.  (I do think the search engine is a little clunky and brings up weird results sometimes.)

Ane was thrilled when she learned we had it, and immediately got the app installed on her phone.  Initially, the Webmaster was going to give her a “child account,” but then we discovered that limited her to Disney classics and Disney Junior, so that was a no-go.  I also told her that I didn’t want her staying up all night watching Marvel movies, either.

Thumper discovered that all his favorite Star Wars movies are there, so he’s hooked.

Rerun was thrilled to find some of the older cartoons that had been removed from YouTube a while ago (copyright laws) were there, so he immediately asked for those.

Tad wanted to know when he could have his own device so he could have his own Disney+ profile, like Ane.  Ummm, NEVER.  Well, maybe not never, but close to it.  We had a discussion about it with his therapist, where he acknowledged that yes, it would be very hard to not watch things all the time.

I have yet to watch anything new on it, but I will get there.  Eventually.

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