Half Day Hijinks

One of the more complicating features of Thanksgiving week are the half days for elementary school for parent-teacher conferences.  The older kids find this annoying, while the little boys are reveling in the shorter days.  Since I took care of the parent-teacher conferences last week, right off the bat, Rerun and Thumper and I have some free afternoons together.  Well, Rerun and I do – Thumper still has his regular therapy schedule on the non-holiday days this week.

So, I put Rerun to work.

We doubled the recipe so – gasp! – Rerun was doing MATH.  Muhuhahahaha, Mom is so sneaky!!!

Rerun’s patience lasted exactly through finishing one tray of cookies from into the oven to out of the oven, and then into his mouth.  Then he was done.  That’s pretty typical for a nine-year-old.

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