Sixteen Christmases Together

Believe it or not, it really has been 16 years that we have been posing our kid (and later, kids) with Friend and Doc’s boys in front of a Christmas tree to celebrate together.  We’re now at the point where the kids just know this picture is going to happen, so there’s no arguing about it.  The picture happens, then they get to open presents.

But we have come a long way from this first picture (taken in 2004)…

… to the one taken today, with just a few more brothers (on both sides) added.

Ane might be outnumbered, but she doesn’t mind.

And our secret to getting all the kids to at least look in one direction?  A cat video, being shown on my phone, while the Webmaster snaps away.  And Doc waving a plate of cookies behind the Webmaster.  We are experienced parents now, you know.

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