Snow Fun In Proper Gear

After last year’s snowmaggedon experience, the Webmaster and I made the effort to actually make sure that we had snow gear that fit each kid this time.  And then we stored it all in one place, in the shed, because we are SMART.

So when I brought out the giant duffel bag of snow clothes, it had all the snow pants and snow gloves in ONE PLACE.  Yes, I was quite pleased with our foresight.

More importantly, so were the kids.

Now, there are still a few things we need to do for next year.  Rerun, Thumper, and Ane are all wearing rain boots, not snow boots.  Fortunately, it works well enough, but I could look for snow boots to go on clearance in the spring.  Tad is wearing a extremely versatile boot, that has a nice thick liner and is perfectly insulated for snow, though it is flexible enough for rain as well.  Ane wore them briefly and they fit her, so I may just get Tad new boots in the next size up and let Ane keep those.

Also, Thumper had insulated mittens, not gloves.  He was confused about how his hand was supposed to fit in them, and kept taking them off.  So, I probably need to get some child-sized snow gloves instead.

But everyone donned their warmest coat (with a sweatshirt underneath for an extra layer), and had snow pants THAT FIT THEM over sweatpants.  And as a result, much fun was had for a long time outside, and no one came inside soaking wet.

Plus, Ane got quite the workout.

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