Snow Creations

The kids went back to school today!!!

*Mom does happy dance*

But while they were home, they did make the most of the snow.  The snow gear enabled them to be out there every single day, enjoying it (and Rerun insisted on wearing his boots to school, which was fine by me), and Ane and Rerun made snow… creatures.

Rerun made an Angry Bird snowman.  That’s supposed to be Red Bird on top.

This kept him busy for a LONG time, which was great.

Ane, however, went in another direction, with a nod to the most recent viral sensation.

It’s a Baby Yoda snowman!  She found large rocks for the eyes.  I thought it was hilarious.

The snow has now started melting away, and with temperatures warming up, we should be in the clear.  Until next time, snow….

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