Finals Week

I don’t remember this level of crazy surrounding finals until I was in college, but it is the end of the semester.  Ane has been very stressed out over her finals this week, and seems to be getting everything done by the seat of her pants at the last minute.

Her finals actually start tonight.  Her physics teacher offered the class the chance to bring in a parent and take your exam early.  You can discuss the questions, but you can’t get actual help from the parent who comes.  The idea is that simply talking over the question will jog the memory and allow the student to remember what they have learned.

Due to the timing involved, the Webmaster got drafted into being the parent on hand.  I mean, I could have done it, but that would have meant bringing the boys with us.  Yeah, that would have gone over well.

Ane’s lack of organization this last semester was bad, and now she’s paying for it with all of this last-minute stuff.

This is almost as bad as Tad finishing his homework (which he conveniently neglected to tell me about) at the bus stop.  Yeah, that one is on me.  His executive functioning skills still stink.

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