Python Memories

The news that broke yesterday about the death of Monty Python member Terry Jones, who had been suffering from dementia, was very sad, but it also reminded me very strongly of the first year of the Webmaster’s and my marriage.

About the time that the Webmaster and I started dating, DVDs were just becoming mainstream.  I realize how old this makes us sound.  The Webmaster was in process of collecting the DVDs of Monty Python’s Flying Circus as they were being released.  Now, even though I could quote the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail forwards and backwards (one of the many things that I’m sure proved irresistably attractive to the Webmaster), I hadn’t watched much of the TV show.  Having the DVDs on hand changed all that.  No longer were we watching VHS taped copies off of PBS.  Now we could just pop in a disc and go to our favorite episode or sketch.

I worked a swing shift doing data entry during our dating and early married life (a job I kept until Ane was born, actually), so I would often get home late.  We had a meal schedule written and would go shopping on Sunday afternoons, so we knew what we would be having for dinner and who would be making it.  The Webmaster got very good at making Hamburger Helper, and I came home many evenings to a hot dinner and Monty Python on TV in our apartment.

Now, we haven’t let the boys watch much of anything Python related, but Ane has seen Holy Grail and we really should have her watch the old shows, now that she’s old enough to appreciate them.  And who knows, maybe someday a future boyfriend will find that irresistably attractive, too.  (When she’s 30.)

Rest in peace, Terry Jones – and thank you for the laughs.

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