Flashback Friday

Speaking of getting married…. guess who got engaged????????

It’s official!!!!  Auntie and JW are going to get married!  Ane and I have already come up with a new blog name for JW, once he is officially part of the the family.

We have known JW a very long time.  The kids took to him right away.  Here he is in January 2011, with Tad climbing on him, as we were eating lunch at the zoo.

I think this was the first time that JW had really spent any time with the kids.  They liked him, but I think he might have been a bit overwhelmed by them.  And this was when Rerun was the baby, and Thumper wasn’t even born or thought of yet!

Here are Auntie and JW at Zoolights in December 2011.

And here they are when Rerun turned three.

The kids have always liked him.  I think they grew on him.

Welcome to the family, JW – officially, anyway!  You’ve been around for so long the kids think you’re their uncle already!

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