Valentine’s Day For Thumper

Or, when Mom totally overdoes it.

Thumper is not into crafts.  Or drawing.  Or art.  His fine art sensibilities are solely in the realm of music.  So, when the note came home from school to “help your child make a Valentine’s Day box,” I knew exactly how much help I would get from Thumper.


However, I also knew that if I could make something Star Wars-y for his Valentine box, he would really enjoy it.  So, I bought some oatmeal in the large canister (it will get turned into cookies later), cut a heavy, large piece of cardstock to size, and got to work with a pencil, a ruler, and the “Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary” next to me.  Goal: create an R2-D2 Valentine box.

Once I had something that looked satisfactory, I began outlining and coloring.

The next step was to tape it on to my oatmeal cylinder.

And then I had to stop to make a run to Michaels.  The styrofoam half-balls were a little too large for the lid, but I didn’t feel like spending more time shaving down the edges (and making a mess), so I made do.  A piece of silver tissue paper, some cardstock scraps, and using my circle and square punches helped finish off R2’s dome.

Not exactly film-prop worthy, but plenty good for a first grader’s Valentine’s Day box.  And Thumper knew immediately who it was, so that’s a win for Mom!

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