Thumper Wants To Go

Ane and her friend KT decided that in lieu of having dates on Valentine’s Day, they would just go out to dinner themselves on Saturday.  Well, when Thumper saw them getting ready (and needing a lift from the Webmaster, because state law requires that newly licensed drivers under 18 to wait 6 months before driving around any minors not related to them), he got his shoes and coat on.

And then when the girls walked out the door, he followed them.

The Webmaster stared.  “Should I just… take him along for the ride?”

“Well, he clearly wants to get out of here!” I said.

Apparently, he got what he wanted and was perfectly willing to come home once the girls were dropped off.  What a strange child.

One Response to “Thumper Wants To Go”

  1. Nana
    February 28th, 2020 08:09

    Dad time?!