Wait, School Is Closed?

You might have heard of the coronavirus outbreak.¬† Well, Ane’s high school is currently closed “out of an abundance of precaution” (the superintendent’s words, not mine) after a staff member’s family member, who was traveling overseas with them over midwinter break, came down sick.

While we don’t know yet if the sick person has coronavirus, the district decided to close the school for a deep clean.

Which meant that Ane got to sleep in this morning while her brothers went to school.

Then she asked if she could borrow the car to go to a friend’s house to work on a group project.¬† The time for the group project had already been planned, but the “borrowing the car” element had not been part of the deal – and I had a meeting.

So Ane then asked to use the only wheels that she actually owns.

Good thing she had it out just last week and hasn’t forgotten how to ride a bike, right?

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