Rerun Speaks – Adulthood Is Boring

Rerun’s school was closed on Monday to wait on a COVID-19 test for a staff member, and for the school to be cleaned. He relished the fact that HE got to stay home without his siblings while they had to go to school.

The charm wore off pretty quickly when I set him to doing his daily reading and some math homework.  This was not just a vacation day, and I was hoping (at the time) that he would be back in school the next day.

He then had to go with me to the grocery store before we picked Rerun up for ABA in afternoon – and was clearly unimpressed with my routines and just adulting in general.

Rerun: (in the grocery store parking lot) “What else are you going to do today?”

Me: “Do the grocery shopping, pick up your brother, make dinner.”

Rerun: “Oh.” (pause) “I thought you did more interesting things.”

The kicker is that ALL the schools are closed today for a teacher inservice day, so all the kids are home now.¬† We’ll see what happens next…

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