Welcome To The New Normal

If I think about this entire situation too much, I might cry.

Our school district has decided to close down for up to two weeks due to COVID-19.  While kids are not particularly susceptible to being hit hard by the virus, older adults are.  The superintendant is in an unenviable position, but has elected to close down in favor of online school while the virus runs some of its shelf life.

This meant that I was scrambling to put together plans this morning, testing out Zoom as a meeting feature for the kids, picking up a Chromebook from Tad’s school for him to use, waiting for word from Rerun’s school that his Chromebook was ready, signing up on Google Classroom for Thumper, and generally just trying to not hyperventilate.

I don’t know how this is going to work for special ed, and frankly, neither do the boys’ teachers and paras.  I might know more tomorrow, as I’m making contact with more of them – and holding Thumper’s IEP meeting over Zoom in the morning.

Any and all prayers you can offer on our behalf would be most welcome.  We are all healthy and I’m telling the kids that I plan on living as normally as circumstances will permit us to do so.  And Rerun’s birthday is coming up on Sunday, so we really do have to make an effort to be as normal as possible for his sake.  Who wants to have a birthday in these circumstances if you can’t do anything fun?

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