Online School – Here We Go!

It is technically Day 2 of online school, but Rerun’s birthday was more important to catch up on.  This was the scene on Monday morning.

Each of the three older kids had logged in – we have borrowed Chromebooks for Tad and Rerun – and were either attending a morning meeting over Zoom with their class, or checking in with whichever teacher they needed to talk to first.  This was a very strange situation.  And notice that Thumper is nowhere to be found.  That’s because he ran off with an iPad to play Angry Birds.  Because his class is run differently, he did some work with me later.

He looks so grown-up, sitting at his desk, writing.  So cute!

And then Thumper had a double session – four hours, with a one-hour break in-between! – of ABA at home.  I have to keep him busy somehow!

By this morning, we at least knew how this was supposed to work, but we are still trying to find our groove.

If we find a groove, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

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