The Other Shoe Drops

We learned on Monday evening that the Autism Center is closing down until at least the end of the month.

That sound you heard was the last shred of my sanity dying a long and tortured death.

My one saving grace is that the weather this week has been awesome, so I have been sending the boys outside to play for at least an hour a day.

On my last shopping trip out to Target, I picked up a batting tee for Rerun.  He assembled it right away and put it to good use.

He had Tad shagging balls for him, but it’s not exactly Tad’s strong suit.

I’ve also been sending them out into the cul-de-sac for riding time.

This would be the perfect time to teach Rerun how to ride a bike… if I can talk him into it!¬† He’s been fighting us for years and sticking to his scooter.

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