Batting Lesson With Auntie

Thumper’s birthday on Saturday was certainly nothing like I had planned for or imagined.  Not that he really truly noticed that it was his birthday and that something special should have been happening for him.  Poor kid.  How do you celebrate a birthday when you’re supposed to be “socially distancing” during a pandemic?

Solution: order what he would have eaten from Red Robin, let him wear his favorite t-shirt, and let him stand to eat.  And if that means he eats a pound of steak fries with campfire sauce, then he eats a pound of steak fries with campfire sauce.

However, Auntie did come over (because she is young and healthy and we bought her dinner, ha ha ha), and we watched two movies with her.  First, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (because she and Rerun are reading the books – she finished; Rerun is on book #5), and then she worked with Rerun on his batting stance.

Which led to Auntie saying, “Come on, they are the perfect age to watch ‘The Sandlot!'”

So we watched “The Sandlot,” and the boys loved it, even though it made for a very late night.

It definitely wasn’t the birthday that I had envisioned for Thumper, but under the circumstances, it wasn’t bad and the boys all had a good time!

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