Routines Under The Rule Of Mom

My reign is continuing to be glorious.

Or something.

With no online school and no regular schedule to be had, it is up to me to make sure there is some kind of structure to our lives.¬† The Webmaster is now officially working from home as well (he got word of that last week, and promptly set up shop in our bedroom with all the stuff he needed from work – which makes him my co-worker now, and I am the official head of HR), and Ane gets back tonight (late), so we have to have some kind of routine so we don’t all go nuts.

I am still pushing outside recess time on the boys, especially while the weather is good, but when recess ends and the assigned school work under Mom is done, there is time for a nap.

If you’re Tad.

Thanks to being a growing teenager, the kid can drop off for a nap anywhere, anytime.

The Webmaster watched him sleep and said, “I swear I can see him growing.”

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