The New Recess Teacher

The school district has rebooted the online school program as version 2.0, which started yesterday.  The kids were a little confused, but after two weeks off as they worked out how they wanted to arrange things, I think this will be a much more manageable model.

And now that Ane is back, and acclimating to the Rule of Mom, I gave her a promotion.

Boys, meet your new recess teacher, who has recently returned from Maui.

Under the new online school schedule plus Rule of Mom, the afternoons are fairly free.  So we are going to have mandatory “lunch recess” (this might be before or after lunch) for one hour a day (weather permitting – when the weather is bad, I will allow one hour on the Kinect).  Now that Rerun rides a bike, this is even more of a workout for the boys.  (Thumper’s wheels are an issue – more on that later.)

And now that Ane is back, she can supervise the lunch recess while I get some actual work done inside.  Like laundry.  It’s not like THAT stopped coming.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this blog, as of this last week, just marked its 15th birthday!!!  Congratulations if you’ve been on the ride with me for that long.  I certainly never saw it coming myself!

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