Autism Awareness Day 2020

It is World Autism Awareness Day (and also Friend’s birthday – happy birthday, Friend!!!), so here are my two everyday examples of awareness.

I feel like anyone who knows these boys knows how their ASD affects them, but how do I describe the effect that the lockdown is having on these two?

Tad is an extrovert who is dependent on his routine. With his routine gone and his connections outside of the immediate family cut off, he has been at loose ends, trying to find anything that seems “normal.” His art class is on hold, his social swim group was canceled, youth group is paused, and his Young Life group is going to move to online meetings – which helps, but isn’t the same.  He’s even asking to go back to school, which should tell you just how desperate he is! We are trying our best to find a foothold on a new routine for him.  It isn’t easy.

Thumper doesn’t understand where all the important adults in his life went, or why he only sees them on screens right now. He is a natural introvert, but misses the people he loves. He is lousy at social distancing thanks to his sensory needs, and would take all the hugs and cuddles he could right now.  He is used to getting a lot of physical feedback from all the therapists and teachers and paras – they hug him, they tickle him, they play with him, they redirect him.  And now he has only me.

For both their sakes, I am hoping and praying that this time passes by quickly.

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