Happy Easter 2020

We might be on lockdown, but Christ is still risen, and Easter still happened.  And the kids were excited about it – excited enough to dress up, just to please their mother, and to take pictures.

Don’t they look nice?  All dressed up and ready for Easter Sunday church… on the TV.

But there were full baskets, too!  The Easter Bunny was a little generous, knowing that certain gifts (i.e. LEGO sets) equal peace and quiet.

And with the oven out of commission, our normal Easter menu went out the window.  So Ane helped me prepare a Belgian waffle brunch, complete with eggs of your choice, and sausage links.

This was a hit with everyone but Thumper, who apparently believes that Eggos are the only proper kind of waffle.  (I’ve failed him.)

Our Easter was also full of surprise guests, as Grandma and Auntie came by to drop off Grandma’s traditional Easter cream cheese coffeecake for us, and then Friend and Doc and the boys stopped by for a quick social distance Easter greeting – we all stayed apart from each other in the front yard and chatted for a while.  Those visits definitely made the day much better!

I hope everyone else’s Easter Sunday was spent in as pleasant a way as possible, even in quarantine.

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