Life Under The Rule Of Mom

It has now been 30 school days since the kids have been out of the classrooms.  We are still getting used to all the Zoom meetings and online check-ins.

Meanwhile, I am still adding in interesting things – like the fact that today is Jackie Robinson Day, so I had a new book for Rerun to read.

Man, I miss baseball so much.

And with the new emphasis on wearing masks, a good friend in Texas made some specifically for the kids, and sent them to us.  Thumper, who hates wearing things on his face, is having to desensitize himself to wearing one.

At first he was holding his breath while wearing it for 10 seconds at a time (not good), so I began to distract him with music and talking and making him count.  We made it all the way to two minutes!

Teaching Thumper to wear a facemask was definitely not on my list for things to do this year, but here we are.

And happy birthday to my dear niece Berry!  We miss you so much and hope your day is a happy one!

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