Acrostic Poem

Rerun’s school schedule – as with all the elementary schools in our district – has been reduced down to the Three “R”s – reading, writing, and arithmetic.  However, library, music, and PE have also been added in to the afternoon schedule, to be accomplished within a week.

The library assignment for this week was to compose an acrostic poem on any (school-appropriate) subject that the student chose.  Rerun and I debated several ideas (I told him that he could not do his own name), and he finally settled on the suggestion (from the librarian’s list) of video games.

The end result was pretty great.

He wanted to do Minecraft initially, but I didn’t know enough about Minecraft to really help him (and Ane was busy).  So he was happy to settle on the (shorter) Pac-Man idea.  While I helped with the lines, he brainstormed the words he wanted to use, and then drew the great illustrations.

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