They Happened On The Same Day…

… but are completely unrelated.

Ane had been asking if she could make chicken parmigiana again, after making it once for her Food & Nutrition class last year.  I told her fine, go for it, and made sure she had the ingredients.  This was the end result, and it was delicious:

She used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  As a result of this success, Ane has now been given the task of making dinner every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

Later that night, I had to pull yet ANOTHER of Thumper’s teeth.

That bottom incisor was loose, but wedged tightly.  There were some tears involved as Mama needed to have a good grip and there wasn’t a lot of room.  Fortunately, he’s forgiven me – even if I did just throw another wrench in his ability to chew food.

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