Thumper In Glasses

I don’t know why, but Thumper is currently obsessed with my glasses.

The problem is that I actually need these to SEE, and I’ve been wearing my glasses more than my contacts lately.  My eyesight is terrible, so if I’m not wearing contacts, I have to be wearing my glasses.  Thumper was trying to pull them off my face to put them on, and now is not the time for me to have my frames twisted or broken.  So he has to ask nicely for them (“I want glasses please”) in order to try them on.  Like I said, my eyesight is terrible so I have a strong prescription.  Does he like the high magnification?  Is there a sensory factor I’m missing?  Who knows.

I gave him an older pair that are a few prescriptions old to play with, but he isn’t as enamored with those.  So it’s now become a common sight on his class Zoom meetings for Thumper to pop up, wearing my glasses.  I’m sure this amuses everyone… not that I can see it, but I’m sure it looks funny.

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