Call In Backup

I have to be honest – I have my hands full managing the boys, which means that Ane is really on her own when it comes to her classes.

But that doesn’t mean that she is on her own.  The current situation has really illustrated which teachers are trying, which teachers aren’t, and which teachers just aren’t cut out for the job they have.  Ane’s math teacher is the latter.  She cannot explain her reasoning to high schoolers, and should probably teach at college-level.  Which means that Ane, who has issues with math anyway, got easily lost in this class, but managed to ask enough questions in class to keep up.

Plus, she was still seeing CB’s mom, her math tutor, once a month.

Well, she was completely lost again, and online school is terrible for getting extra help.  Thank goodness for CB’s mom, and FaceTime!

Fortunately, she got straightened out, she understands the material now, and we are all happy again.

But if she gets this teacher again next year, I’m going to try to get her moved.

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