Kids Say Very Funny Things On Zoom

I warned the kids.  We had to cram all of Monday’s meetings into Tuesday, but we still have all the Tuesday meetings.  It made for a very very VERY full day.

But there were two hilarious moments during the morning Zoom meetings that definitely lightened my mood.

The first one was from Rerun’s 4th grade class Zoom meeting…

Teacher: “Had any of you heard about the Civil War before this reading assignment?”

Rerun and one other kid raise hands.

Random kid: “The only civil war I’d heard about before this was the one between Captain America and Iron Man.”

And then there was Thumper’s class Zoom meeting, where he provided the funny moment as he said good bye to his classmates and teachers – and if he doesn’t know their face and remember their name, then Thumper reads the name off the Zoom screen…

“Bye Ms. R, bye Ms. K, bye Ms. J, bye Galaxy Tab A B…”

Galaxy Tab A B was actually one of his classmates, but all the adults broke up in laughter.

We managed to get to all the meetings today.  *whew*  Now we have no more days off until the end of the year, thankfully.

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