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Memorial Day 2020

Monday, May 25th, 2020

No ceremonies, no concerts, no baseball games, and no sunshine. Just lots of rain and social distancing. Last year, Ane and I went to our local cemetery’s Memorial Day service and I found it to be so much more satisfying than the one at the big cemetery (though I am drawn to the big one […]

Dancing Into The Weekend

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

It has been a long week.  The kids are looking forward to the three day weekend, even though they don’t realize (yet) that all their Monday meetings are just going to be shifted to Tuesday… Anyway, it’s time to get our wiggles out and dance into the weekend.  If the big boys will let Thumper […]

Strangest Social Group Ever

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Tad has a social group Zoom meeting on Thursday mornings.  Apparently they were going to talk about wearing masks (a hot topic of conversation right now), so the kids were told to show off their masks.  Fortunately, Tad has a cool shark one, made by a friend of mine. How it got paired with the […]

Thumper Hates His Pencil Grip

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Thumper would prefer to do all of his work on either iPad or desktop, but… he seriously needs to work on his pencil grip. So his OT suggested that we get him some pencil finger grips. Thumper hates them. He is constantly trying to work around them – either by moving his fingers, or just […]