A Warm Walk To The Coffee Stand

The sun was shining so brightly yesterday, and I owed Ane coffee.  Let’s call it a bribe to help her brothers with their Google Slide presentations.

There are many things that Mom does well – composing Google Slides is not one of them.  I am happy to help with ideas and what needs to go on a slide, but the technical stuff I leave to Ane.  Plus, she’s teaching Rerun how to animate things on his Slides.

So Tad, Thumper and I walked over to the coffee stand to get her a coffee.  I carried her iced coffee back, while Tad drank a creamscicle (basically an orange juice Italian soda), and Thumper had an ice water.

So long as he has water, and the battery on the iPod doesn’t run low, Thumper is always up for a walk around the neighborhood!

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