Thumper Finds Himself

… in the school yearbook, anyway.

All of the kids have had to drop off or pick up materials at their respective schools over the last couple of days.  Rerun had one class library book to drop off, Tad had a couple of library books to drop off, and Ane dropped off textbooks.  Neither Ane nor Tad had anything to pick up at school, as Tad took everything out of his school cubby and Ane took everything out of her locker before they were all sent home in March.  However, both Rerun and Thumper picked up the contents of their desks, and both got their school yearbooks.

The elementary schools managed to get their yearbooks out on time because they were paperback.  Ane’s and Tad’s yearbooks, being bigger and in color and hardcover, are delayed until probably early August at best.

Thumper really wanted to get out of the car as we drove by his school and saw all of his teachers in person – they were all outside, handing out materials (and wearing masks, which confused Thumper) – but we had to stay in the car this time.  Poor kid, this entire season has been so confusing for him.

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