Happy Father’s Day 2020

We made quite the weekend out of it!

On Saturday, we had as many family as we could outside in our backyard for a Father’s Day barbecue!  This meant Grandma and Gichan, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa, Ressis and Oddball and their kids, and Auntie and JW.  We haven’t all been together in the same place since…. Christmas, I think.

A good time and a good meal was had by all, and the kids did very well together!

And then we spent Sunday – Father’s Day itself – pretty laid-back and quiet, though the Webmaster got some presents and we ordered curbside takeout from one of his favorite restaurants.  Oh, and we got a good picture of him and the kids together.

Notice that the Webmaster’s hair is nice and trimmed up?  Our salon is FINALLY open again, and he got his hair cut!

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