Eating Out

To celebrate the last day of school, we went out to dinner last Friday.  It was… an interesting experience.

First, we picked a restaurant that we haven’t been frequenting as of late, but we knew would have something for everyone.  It was one of our local diner-style restaurants, where breakfast is served all day long.  Since the boys love breakfast foods, I figured this would be a winner.

Well, after we convinced Rerun that their pancakes would be excellent, he agreed to it.

But when we got there, we discovered that there was a limit of 5 people to a table.  And we are a family of 6… who actually live together in the same house.  Everyone agreed that this was supremely dumb, but this is the current county regulation.

So the Webmaster and I sat with the little boys, and Ane and Tad got their own table.

It ended up working out okay.  Rerun was SOLD on his stack of pancakes, and ate them with ketchup.  (Please don’t ask; we can’t explain him.)  Thumper managed one pancake, but Tad (who devoured a full-size waffle with syrup, two scrambled eggs, and two sausage links) eagerly finished off his brother’s leftover pancakes.

Note to self: next time, find Tad an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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