Birthday Party (FINALLY) For The Little Boys

Three months later, we were finally able to have a small family birthday party for Rerun and Thumper.  Of course, I had planned on having everyone outside, and then it ends up being the chilliest day in June.

And yes, these two need haircuts badly, and they will this week, but parties wait for no haircut.

Even though most of the presents had been opened over the last couple of months, we still had a few things for each boy to open.

And there were cake and candles.  Auntie provided chocolate cupcakes for the party, and I had made lemon pound cakes as well.

I’m just glad that we could FINALLY have a party for these two!

And speaking of birthdays, it’s the Webmaster’s birthday today!  Happy birthday, hon – you’ve been such a trooper!

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