Festivities On The Fourth

Well, how was everyone’s holiday weekend?  Ours went surprisingly well.

The good weather meant that we could have everything outside, which was the plan… in order to show off and use our new outdoor projector and screen!

The setup is still a work in progress, but this is just such a fun thing to have.  The Webmaster pieced together a PVC-pipe and bungee cord frame for the screen, which can be disassembled.  The only real problem was waiting for it to be dark enough to watch the screen.

Friend, Doc, and their boys joined us for an outdoor barbecue, and Ane’s friend KT was staying overnight for all the fun.

Thumper performed quality control on the chips, so all was good.

While Friend and Doc and the boys didn’t stay late for the fireworks, the Webmaster’s cousin and his family did come over to see some fireworks.  The kids really got a kick out of the sparklers.

Tad helped his dad light off the mortar shells this year – the Webmaster bought the fireworks package called “Revelation,” which was very funny.

The sounds of fireworks exploding continued on well into the night, but the kids had their fun and managed to ignore the excess noise.  The older kids all helped clean up, and then the Webmaster continued the cleanup in daylight the next morning.

Considering the current situation, we DID have a fun Fourth of July!

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