Stabbing For Science

I am always up for volunteering my children to science.  This particular study is even more important than usual.

Thanks to Rerun’s participation in Apex Summer Camp, he and other campers have been recruited for a research study to look for COVID-19 antibodies in children in school or camp settings.  The hope is that this study will be able to provide information about what to expect if/when children gather together for school.

Today, he gave his first blood sample, but it wasn’t without some drama.

I had promised Rerun a cheeseburger from Dick’s for each blood draw.  When I picked him up from camp today, he tried upping the price to a cheeseburger plus a vanilla milkshake.

Me: “Milkshakes are for kids who don’t fuss and cry.”

Then, as we checked in with the receptionist at the lab, Rerun voiced one last objection.  “I hate being stabbed!” he blurted out.


I could see the receptionist silently laughing under her mask as we walked away.  I bet she had a story to tell at dinner that night.

When Rerun’s name was called, he stood with a heavy sigh and said, “FINE, I’ll let them stab me.”

The phlebotomist was a total pro and had that needle into Rerun’s vein as quick as a lightning strike.  Rerun has good veins and is a good bleeder.  He was fascinated with the entire process.  “That’s my blood, that’s my real blood!  He’s transferring my blood!”


Rerun: (smugly) “EXTRACTING.”

I gave up at that point, because they were done.

We went and got his cheeseburger and a milkshake.  We will get a callback next month to come in for a second draw.  Yet another stabbing for science.

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